IGA takes part in assemblathon2!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Our team took part in the assemblathon, a friendly competition to demonstrate de novo genome assembly capacities.

Our team took part in the competition assemblying the snake dataset out of three available genomes, a snake, a parrot and a fish. The snake dataset was chosen because it was composed of Illumina sequences only and these kind of sequences are daily produced at our lab as well. The strategy we used was assemblying independently with two available softwares, CLCbio and ABySS, then use an in-house developped software, GAM, to merge different assemblies with the use of reads insteads of the mere two assemblies. GAM was recently adapted from Sanger sequences to NGS sequences datafiles. Finally, contigs obtained were scaffolded with SSPACE.

Simone Scalabrin

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